Freebies are gifts that sagacious business marketers or owners offer clients. We use them as an advertising strategy to draw more customers and allow them to try out our products and services. Let’s look into more reasons we should provide freebies for our diverse clients.

Freebies Attract Positive Attention to Our Brands

Freebies are convenient when we want to get that positive buzz for our businesses. Customers love free things, and nothing makes them happier more than getting them from us. Freebies will doubtlessly give us the excellent publicity we need to gain more clients. Additionally, our customers will have nothing but positive feelings when they think about our brands.

Freebies Enhance Customer Relationships

Freebies always work when it comes to strengthening the relationship between our clients and us. When we gift our clients, they feel valued and appreciated. This prompts them to keep coming back to us for the products/services we sell. Moreover, giving freebies and gift boxes to regular customers on special occasions can also motivate them to buy our products. Along with your products, you can send additional gift packs with eatables, a notebook, pen, and other customizable products. You can send such gifts by exploring companies (you could try these out) specialized in corporate and client gifts.

Besides, we can also use freebies to solve disputes. For instance, let’s assume that we are a mobile phone brand. A customer orders a phone from us, but it turns out to be defective. For us, it’s an honest mistake because we didn’t realize the device was faulty when shipping it, but the client doesn’t understand that. So, to be in their good graces once more, we replace the device and even give them a few accessories for free. Eventually, we will have resolved the issue and earned the trust of that particular client.

Freebies Encourage Clients to Purchase Our Other Products

Whenever we strive to acquire more customers, using freebies is the perfect strategy. These gifts or extra services offer clients a taste of some of our products or services. If they like them, there’s a high likelihood that they will want to try out more items that we provide. For this specific reason, we must see to it that our freebies are high-quality because if they are not, we might lose lots of potential long-term clients.

For example, if you are an insurance broker, you could provide them with good customer service. You could use a company’s CRM software, such as iLife Technologies‘, to stay in touch with your customers and assist them whenever they require it. Customers who can reach their agents when they need them are more likely to remain satisfied and reassured. Response time to inquiries and phone calls is essential, and you must be able to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it or have a good reason why you can’t. That way, you’d be able to gain the trust of your customers even more.

Freebies Help Us Introduce New Products

Sometimes, it can be somewhat tricky to introduce a new product or service to the market. Our target audience knows little about it and may be hesitant to give it a chance. This is where freebies step in. In most cases, customers scramble for free things. Hopefully, they like the gifts and desire to get more from us; only then will we sell the products or services.

Now that we grasp why we should not think twice about offering our customers freebies, we can develop an effective freebie marketing strategy.

Creating a Freebie Strategy

Indisputably, freebie strategies work. When creating them for our companies, we should be mindful of several things. These include:


We must understand why we want to provide free products and services to our clients. This allows us to be strategic when creating a freebie marketing plan. More often than not, businesses offer freebies to drive sales and expand their brands.

Target Audience

Who are our prospects or clients, and what are their greatest desires? Putting our target audience in mind when working on our freebie strategies enables us to know how to package the gifts and guarantee client satisfaction.

The freebies we offer must be beneficial to our target audience. Otherwise, they might end up throwing them away, rendering our marketing efforts ineffective.

Freebies could be what we need to take our businesses to the next level. They improve our reputations and help us build stronger relationships with our clients. These gifts also make it effortless for us to introduce our customers to our new services or products. For our freebie marketing plans to work, we must focus on satiating our target audience’s needs.