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This blog is authentic, handmade, and lovingly maintained. It aims to give you useful and actionable advice to make your business succeed through social media channels. You can expect several publications per week. We draw our inspiration directly from our daily professional life.

Every month, over 20,000 entrepreneurs and professionals visit this blog and find answers to their own questions about web marketing, management, business strategy, advertising, and sales techniques. We link all these areas to social networks, as they are now the most direct way to reach and communicate with your audience worldwide. 

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RMH of Bangor tips for a successful social media strategy

When you start with your company, your digital communication is partly based on social media. This is quite normal when you know that social networks are used by a majority of the current population. Social platforms also represent about 1/3 of the time spent online.

On the business side, many companies are struggling to establish a profitable social media strategy. And let’s face it: 50,000 followers doesn’t always lead to increased profits!

At RMH of Bangor, you will discover the secrets of a decade of experience in the sales function to find and convince new customers.

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All the ingredients you need to be the new king or queen of a social media

Choosing the right social media network starts by defining the objectives of your digital strategy and your internal capabilities. 

As you certainly know, there are different social networks available on the web. The first task of a social media manager will therefore be to decide which platforms to focus on. You have to be realistic: it is impossible to be present all the time, on every social network.

To make an informed decision, you also need to know which social networks your target audience is using. Evaluate the type of content you can produce that is likely to be of interest to your audience.

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Feature articles elaborated with passion

Social networks are inspired by a purely communitarian model. They federate members around groups of interests. The purpose of social networks is to create interactions between its members. It is this exchange between users that creates the value of a social platform.

The initiative behind this blog is exactly the same. We, James Bryan, Ana Emily and Joy Sarkar,  invest our time to connect with your, our dear audience. We are committed to helping you in the vast field of social networking. 

To the newcomer, we’re glad you’ve found us. You are in good hands, and if you board with us in this digital adventure you can be sure to see the desired results in less time. 


Cheers to social media!

James Bryan, Ana Emily and Joy Sarkar