Hi, I’m James one of the writers for RMH. I have a background in writing business articles for a wide variety of newspaper companies and I loved every minute of it! I have also got experience in running a business through my current job as a business manager. I wanted to be a part of this blog so I could share my knowledge with other people within business. 

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff about me! I am also a keen traveller, and sports enthusiast. I have a real passion for baseball and I take my young son to his baseball practices every week and before you ask I am not a side line parent… well not much of one anyway! 

I hope you enjoy our blog and make the most out of the advice we are giving!

Welcome! I’m Ana, just a working woman in the difficult world of business. I have teamed up with these two guys to create this blog as a way to show that you can start a business from anywhere. I manage a variety of businesses giving out tips and advice to business owners and I absolutely love my job! 

When I am not doing business I am relaxing at home with a large glass of wine, takeaway, and a movie. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, to the extent that I am never really at home! 

Soak up our advice from our blog and enjoy the ride! 

I’m Joy, and yes I am happy pretty much all the time! Business with a smile is my motto. I am a business finance director, which means a lot of the time I have to make the hard decisions in a company. I am hoping that this blog should help many business owners not struggle in the long run and help them to organize their finances in a more structured way. 

I am also a fitness junkie, I love running marathons and competing in triathlon’s. So every second I am not in the office is spent either on this blog or training for the next big event! 

I hope that this blog brings that knowledge to business owners that they would not be able to find from anywhere else.