I always had a burning desire to build a business that allows me to live a life of my choosing and have it run more on autopilot. My e-commerce business is complementary to these desires. Building a successful e-commerce business is like running a marathon. I had to start preparing beforehand to ensure that I do not give up midway. Even if almost 90% of entrepreneurial attempts do not succeed, you should not let these statistics discourage you.

I struggled to run a successful e-commerce business. However, things changed when I realized that the only thing preventing me from turning my e-commerce store into a massive business was me myself. The potential is always there; I had to start putting in the time and effort needed to scale up my business. There is no cheat sheet for running a successful e-commerce business. However, I have compiled a series of secrets that can help you run a thriving online business.

Respect Your Ecommerce Business

Do you give your e-commerce business the same respect you would give a successful offline business, or do you consider it a mere hobby? I only started thriving in my e-commerce venture when I stopped treating it as a hobby or something fun to do in my spare time and started seeing it as an actual business. It might be hard to take your e-commerce business seriously, especially if you don’t earn millions of dollars from it. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you must accord it the respect it deserves.

Find the Best Software

I realized that the real growth killer for an e-commerce business is the failure to use the right business software. There is software to assist in every process and using it will only benefit your company. As an example, have a look at this site https://fastspring.com/blog/what-is-quote-to-cash/ to help you understand just one element of the process that can easily be streamlined. As an e-commerce business owner, you need to address and evaluate your business software regularly. Software is foundational to the entire business operation, so you should consider all your options, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing, so that you get the right software for your business and your budget. Some of the factors I consider when choosing the right software include usability, scalability, and marketing tools. In addition to being secure and scalable, your software should also be user-friendly. The right software depends on your business needs. I always conduct in-depth research to identify my business needs and find the right software to address these needs. If you can’t find one to match your business needs, you might have to consider finding a company that offers custom software development to help you create the perfect software for the business instead.

Identify Your Target Audience

Taking time to figure out who my customers are has played a major role in my e-commerce business’s success. Initially, I did not take this step seriously, and I wasted my time and resources on marketing that did not win customers. When I started tailoring my marketing strategies to suit my target market, I started recording steady growth. I believe that taking the time to know my target audience is the reason why I am still in business today.

You should pause and determine where your marketing dollars are going to generate the highest return on investment. When you finally determine who your target market is, you will have an easy time generating leads. Once you understand your market you will learn if something like promotional codes (look here for an example) will attract them. You would also know the best places to advertise your strategies and should see some returns on your investments.

Make your Customers your Brand Ambassadors

Nothing elevates your e-commerce business than a positive testimonial from a happy customer. I always take time to collect and share testimonials and reviews from my customers. One secret I learned is that no matter how much I talk about my business, what matters is what my customers think about it.

Streamline the Checkout Process

My biggest win in the e-commerce business is ensuring that my customers do not get frustrated and abandon their carts due to a hectic checkout process. I focus on making the checkout process simple to ensure that anyone can do it. I use as few form fields as possible and eliminate the need for account creation. You should provide several ways for customers to pay for their orders.


You can grow your e-commerce venture to any level you desire. How far you go will depend on what you want out of business and how aggressive you are. I try to learn as much as I can from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes to avoid making similar mistakes.