In the early days of computers, people were of two minds whether they saved work or created it. Much of the creation of extra work was due to the fear that information stored digitally was not as secure as that held in paper records. For this reason, the information would be stored digitally and also backed up as a paper record in a filing cabinet. However, as we have come to trust digital storage methods, and have several at our disposal, less printing is taking place. This is saving on printing ink and the environment. For example, a standard 45ft pine tree with a diameter of 8 inches will only produce 10,000 sheets of paper, so imagine how many trees will be lost to all the offices if they continue to print documents unnecessarily. If you cannot picture 10,000 sheets, then consider that one ream of paper, which is 500 sheets, will amount to 5 percent of a tree.

So, this article will consider just how much easier work has become since the invention of computers, to better understand just what they do for us.

Access to Global Markets

Computers have given businesses greater access to global markets. Businesses no longer have to seek out customers to do business with, as customers can find them. The internet has become a worldwide marketplace that any business can tap into. Digital marketing tools such as SEO and PPC have meant that businesses can become visible locally and nationally and target their customers better. They no longer have to solely rely on shop signage, billboards, or local newspapers, for their advertising. A website can be created that can then be found by millions. The more interactive and engaging that website can be made, the more likely customers are to use it and then return to it. Businesses can grow more rapidly in a digital environment.

Data Analysis

Computers allow us to store information in a summarized and meaningful way. We can enter information into a spreadsheet and see at a glance what we need because it will be ordered. Also, graphs can be produced easily from that data to show it more visually. Many of us understand things better that way.

Sharing Information

Information can now travel faster than ever before thanks to information-sharing software. We can send a document to the other side of the office or even the world at the click of a button, all without having to move from our desk chair. To make sharing information even easier, head to for add-ons that will improve your computer experience.

Word Processing

Anybody writing for a living will find it invaluable that they do not have to keep re-writing a document. Instead, they can edit it on a computer before printing out a final version. It is a useful tool to be able to search a keyword within a document as this prevents repetition and saves you from reading the whole document again to correct just one section. Adding a paragraph to the middle of a document is possible. Moving a certain section of text elsewhere is just a matter of copying and pasting it. This has all saved time for office workers.

Photo Manipulation Software

Photography businesses can improve and enhance digital photographs as a result of computer technology. In the past, photographs had to be taken right the first time with reputations on the line, but with photo manipulation software similar to the ones provided by the likes of Topaz Labs (see for more info) there is a second chance to get things right. It is the equivalent of being able to edit a word document only it is about adjusting a picture.

3D Printing

Engineering has seen the introduction of 3-D printing. This has meant that three-dimension objects have been able to be constructed from a CAD or digital 3D model. The main advantages of this are reduced costs, reduced time, less wastage, fewer errors, production on demand, confidentiality, and a greater competitive edge.


To end with storage, a vast amount of information can now be stored in a smaller space. Land and premises are expensive, so this has to be a benefit. Also, we can have more confidence in our data being kept safely and in a secure way because of Cloud systems that allow information to be stored in a central place and to be encrypted for top digital security. This protects it from fire or water damage that it might have experienced while stored on-site at a workplace.

To conclude, there are many ways a computer will make it easier for businesses. This includes allowing customers to find a business rather than a business have to find them, using processes that make data input more efficient and data more manageable, improving what is possible in photography and engineering, and when it comes to storing information in a small or virtual space that is as secure as it is accessible.

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