The transfer of many businesses to online during the pandemic has meant that we have learned just which businesses can operate either solely or partly on the internet. For those that can, there is a global market open to them.

So, this article will consider just which businesses the internet is suitable for.

Home Crafts

You may have heard this area of business described as a cottage industry. This is because, in days gone by, additional money would be earned from home by the lady of the house, who would primarily be in a rural environment, to supplement the income of her husband. It was about financial survival. What was produced at home, which would be handmade, would then be sold at a local market. Today, this is not gender-specific or area-specific but open to anyone who can think of creative ideas and then produce something where there is a profit margin for resale. These items can now be sold online to a global market through sites such as Etsy. It is a great platform to sell artsy and handicraft items without worrying about a business website. You can easily create your account and set up your online shop. Additionally, you can use applications to Calculate etsy profit by providing the seller’s location, sale price, tax, and shipping details.

You may have to deal with the rising postal costs to keep your price competitive, but couriers provide the answer to this problem, and you can also charge for shipping. You are, of course, limited to how many you can produce of a certain item. If you can find a way of scaling your business up, then you are on to a definite winner.

Personalized items are trending. So, if you can offer a service where people’s names, initials, or pictures, are included in the products they can order, then they make ideal presents for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. In the case of a wedding, there will be lots of guests to cater for and a bulk order possible. You can make old items desirable again by turning them into something modern and practical. You can also post videos of your products, while in the creation process, on social media such as Instagram, TikTok, etc., to gain popularity globally. You could run your shop on TikTok as well, to make the purchase easier for your customers. Moreover, to grab the attention of the public, you can use additional resources from sites similar to that may increase your followers, likes, and comments on your posts to consequently boost sales. You can create and sell various home crafts such as jewelry, ornaments, decorative items, paintings, scented candles, and many more, depending on your expertise. I remember seeing on television, the keys from an old typewriter being made into cufflinks. The backs were obtained from the internet and fixed with metal putty.


Selling on an industrial scale can now be home-based. We do not need a shop to sell from when we have the world wide web for our marketplace. The goods for sale can be housed in a warehouse and a distribution network set up to receive and deliver them. If you go for the warehouse option, you’ll want to know about ways to increase the efficiency of your operations. For example, you could look at putting industrial equipment in place, like that available from Platforms and Ladders, to make transporting goods across the warehouse floor faster and simpler for workers there. The rest of the work can be done from home. That is, advertising the goods for sale on a website and contacting customers and suppliers via social media.

To make your business visible to the masses, you can seek out a company that specializes in digital marketing, such as WebEnertia. You will have Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click (PPC) to choose from to help customers find you online. The first one involves organic searches, whereas the second one incurs a cost for each advert clicked on. With digital marketing tools such as SEO at your disposal, you can target your local customers just as easily as your global ones.


Any business or career that involves writing for a living just requires a quiet space where there is a computer in situ. A window is not even required because the inspiration for much that you will write will come from the internet and what has already been written. In the case of a journalist, they will need to go out looking for a story and then return to write it. In other cases, it is possible to research and write without leaving your home. There is a demand for content to be written specifically for the internet, including news features, articles, and blog content. There is plenty on the internet that can be said differently, expanded upon, or brought together into one bespoke article. Content is, for instance, useful for marketing purposes and the need for digital marketing is increasing over other forms of marketing.

If you have a good idea for a setting, interesting characters in mind, and a good plot, then why not see if you can write your first novel. This can be something that you do in your spare time. You should be aware, however, that the publishing process can be a long one, so it is no quick fix to earn money, and will in most cases only supplement the main income unless you should be lucky enough to achieve a best seller. It is a rewarding hobby and experience, however, seeing your finished product go to print and then sell in different countries.


The chances are, if a computer is used, then you will be able to complete the entire, if not all of the task, from home. Computer careers include programmer, analyst, database administrator, IT technical support, and sales support. In the case of a programmer, you can have an applications programmer, systems programmer, or multimedia programmer. Anyone who comes up with computer code can work from home.

In conclusion, we can achieve most that we do from working at home. It is likely to be the future and so we will surely see more businesses operating in this way, at least in part.

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