Do you plan to build a business this year? You are in the right place. This article will discuss business ideas that you can start when you plan to enter the business world. Considering the spread of the pandemic, most businesses you may build in 2021 usually work online.

You should start a business where you can incorporate your passion and knowledge, and you can click here to discover a useful post on how to get up and running. Before you do that, you should know the market demand and whether you can meet it or not. The following are different business ideas you may start in 2021. So, read on to know more about it.


If you have undergone classes related to communication, leadership, human resources, marketing, social media, and business, you may consider building a consultant business. Almost every industry in the market, be it a software company or retail store, is likely to be in need of consultation services from the likes of Horizon Peak or other such consultancies. This business is ideal for those who don’t want to hire more employees upfront. You can manage it by yourself and hire employees only when your business is booming already.

Online Reseller

Are you one of those individuals who love sales and clothing? If so, then you may want to consider building an online reseller business. There are many sites that can help you get started with things like website design, digital marketing as well as procurement software that can assist you as your business starts to grow. Even though it requires more effort, dedication, and time, this is a good business idea you may start as a part-time job. Through online store sites, such as Mercari and Poshmark, you can start this business idea. Once that’s sorted out, you can compare the prices and discounts offered by various wholesale suppliers, so that you can decide on the best option. Additionally, when reselling merchandise, it is imperative that you maintain a separate credit card account and a bank account to handle the purchases.

Transcript Service

If you are an excellent listener and have fast typing skills, use them by entering a transcription service business. The good thing about this business idea is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. Not only that, but you can be flexible with your working time.

Medical Courier Service

If you know how to manage time properly and own a reliable vehicle, a medical courier service is a perfect business idea for you. As a driver, your job is to transport medical things, such as equipment, prescription drugs, lab specimens, on time and without any damage.

Remember that the healthcare facilities are continuing to expand. This means that the medical courier service has a higher chance of having stable clients. If you don’t have the budget to hire drivers who will work for you, you may start it yourself.

Online Bookkeeping

Since we are living in a technology-oriented generation, online bookkeeping services are on-trend. Suppose you have previously worked as a bookkeeper or an accountant and want to achieve autonomy and freedom to start a business. In that case, modern technology can give you lots of benefits, especially when deciding to start an online bookkeeping service.

Professional Organizer

Do you want to run a business where you can feel joy while working? Well, professional organizers could be the best business idea for you. This profession is all about providing helping hands to individuals to declutter things.

Considering the materialism era, a lot of individuals prefer to take more control over their things. Aside from that, minimalism is also a popular trend these days. But most individuals find it hard to organize their things. As a professional organizer, you need to help your customers develop a strategy to keep their things organized.

Freelance Copywriter

If you love writing and know something about marketing, it would be great to establish a business offering a freelance copywriting service. Whether you are fond of writing press releases, web content, and blogs, you can ensure that loads of companies will hire your service.

You may also boost this business by studying the importance of SEO. In most cases, copywriters have an hourly rate of 40 US Dollars to 50 US Dollars. But, if you know your client’s targeted aspects, you can charge them at a higher rate.

One of the great businesses you may build this year is freelance copywriting. This is because you only need a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. It is one of the few businesses you can run from home, from inside a coffee shop, while in a restaurant, almost anywhere as long as you have internet. If you have established a good reputation and meet your clients’ expectations, you can turn this freelance business into a full-time one.

Anytime is always the right time to start your business. Consider the business ideas we listed above and start to earn money by running the service you love.