Working for yourself can be liberating. No one to answer to but yourself. You set your own hours, and you decide when to go on holiday (when the business is doing well). I often read the news or see on social media upcoming business people who started from nothing and built their empire from scratch. Some of the business ideas that entrepreneurs are getting rich from are so simple and effective. The reason why they prosper is that they saw a gap in the market and decided to explore it. They worked tirelessly on their idea whilst no one believed in them until they reaped the fruits of their blood, sweat, and tears.


Someone once said that there are many phone companies, footwear designers, car makers, etc., but what the industry is missing is YOU! You can enter that saturated market and still make money. The key thing to remember is that people are always looking for trendy and innovative ways of doing things. If your business model has that slight edge that no one else has, you will become a success. A prime example of this is Lamborghini. When the company started, they specialized in tractors, then ventured into oil burners and air conditioning. In 1963, they founded Automobili Lamborghini which took the world by storm.


Choosing The Right Business Model

In most cases the people that choose their passions often become successful. This is because they pour their heart into their business ventures and do whatever it takes for them to become lucrative. They also don’t mind working long hours and even on holidays. When you try to devote a lot of time to something you are passionate about, it will be very challenging and the odds of quitting are very high.


One needs to dig deep inside and figure out what it is they love doing. That passion has to be something that has the potential to bring in money. A big mistake people make is to invest their entire savings into a business venture without doing due diligence simply because they feel strongly about it.


Before any money goes into the business you have to draw up a comprehensive business plan. Companies such as Synario can provide you with software to help you with writing the financial elements of your business plan such as cash flow analysis and scenario planning. Writing a business plan will allow you to map out the direction you want to go in. It also gives you as well as any future investors an idea of how the company will be structured, how to source funds as well as other vital information. Without a business plan, very few people will invest in your company because it’s one thing to blow them away with your ideas over a beer and another when those ideas are translated onto paper.


Having The Right Partners

With anything in life, if you are surrounded by the right people who think positively, your business ventures will work out. If you are surrounded by the wrong people you are most likely to fail, get bad advice, or your ideas stolen by the so-called friends.


I believe that if you have any big ideas, they should be written down or well documented. This not only shows proof but allows you to track your progress and to tweak the ideas as you go. When showing people your ideas, especially when they are at an advanced stage, there needs to be some protection. Getting advice from an expert on how to protect your ideas is wise. A lot of people have brought in their friends into a life changing project with the hope of elevating them. Those same friends turn around and act like the idea is theirs and cut you out. It is therefore important to always realise that there is no friendship in business.