Top Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Do you plan to build a business this year? You are in the right place. This article will discuss business ideas that you can start when you plan to enter the business world. Considering the spread of the pandemic, most businesses you may build in 2021 usually work online. You should start a business where you can incorporate your passion […]

Why We Should Give Our Customers Freebies

Freebies are gifts that sagacious business marketers or owners offer clients. We use them as an advertising strategy to draw more customers and allow them to try out our products and services. Let’s look into more reasons we should provide freebies for our diverse clients.   Freebies Attract Positive Attention to Our Brands Freebies are convenient when we want to […]

How Can We Build Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is paramount, irrespective of how big our businesses are. And from experience, I have learned that retaining customers is multiple times cheaper than trying to win new ones. But as we may have experienced, getting customers is one thing. It is entirely a whole different game to win their loyalty. Knowing that repeat business (and who doesn’t desire […]

Starting A Business

Working for yourself can be liberating. No one to answer to but yourself. You set your own hours, and you decide when to go on holiday (when the business is doing well). I often read the news or see on social media upcoming business people who started from nothing and built their empire from scratch. Some of the business ideas […]

4 Kinds of Businesses That Are Flourishing

With us still experiencing the effects of a pandemic, it is useful to think about the kinds of businesses that are surviving best, and even increasing their customers and client bases in such an environment. As Charles Darwin is quoted to have said: ‘It is not the intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; […]